Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gobble Wobble

D and I ran the Santa Monica Gobble Wobble this morning with a good friend. Our friend ran the 5K, while D and I ran the 10K. I ran it in 46:21 (unofficial) which gave me a 7:27/mile. It was pretty piss-poor organization. 4 restrooms for all the runners. 4 restrooms! No porta-pottys. I stood in line for nearly 25 minutes and then I wasn't able to use the damn thing. I went to stand in line for the 8:00 start, and proceeded to wait another 25 minutes all while thinking, "Should I go back to the restrooms?" Ugh. I didn't feel too bad. I ran the first mile or so at little better than 8:00/mile. I felt all right towards the end, picking some runners off at about a 6:30/mile. Unfortunately, some dude picked me off in the last 4oo yards. Sucks!

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