Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

"Excuse me, are you a manager here?"

The man wore a blue shirt, and was putting away a few 5 pound weights when I approached him.

"You know, you guys are all out of soap in the locker room, right?"
"Yeah, yeah. No excuse for it. We're expecting our shipment tonight around 4."

The manager, (a friendly enough guy, I suppose) went on to explain how they actually are supposed to get their shipments at the end of the month. It seemed to be a kind of, "See-how-awesome-I-am-that-was-able-to-procure-this-in-such-a-timely-manner?" type of thing. He lamented that "earlier in the week (he) had to pilfer soap from other clubs."

"You should have pilfered more."

I told him that the people working out later that evening would be really happy. Then again, maybe they wouldn't. Maybe they would be completely unaware that there had been a critical supply problem with the hand soap only hours earlier.

C'mon, dude! Are you kidding me? Tons of people, taking a leak (or worse, eesh) and not able to wash their hands? Sure, they've got hand sanitizer, but that's not soap. Hey! Asshole! You need some fucking soap in here!!! Eleven televisions weren't working at the time and a couple of machines were on the fritz. Things break down. I get it. I do. There's a part on backorder, staff layoffs, rising price of steel, shit like that. Sure. But soap? At a health club? It's a health club! It's got the word "health" in the name! One usually frequents such establishments to become healthier, not to pick up viruses and intermingle with complete stranger's feces. I suggested that he send someone to a Sam's Club or Costco, hell, let's get real crazy with the Cheez Wiz and swing by a grocery store, but to pick up some soap.

I saw a lightbulb go on. Maybe he was thinking what a brilliant idea I had! More likely, he was thinking about what a colossal prick I was.

Oh yeah, and I got a run in, too.

Due to prior commitments I wasn't able to do my 18 miler this past weekend. I was delusional when thought that I'd do it on monday. I ended up doing 13, but I did them faster than I would have if I'd done the original mileage. I averaged 8:00/mile on the treadmill and then ran home.

where I promptly washed my hands.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 Easy

Today I finally got my ass out the door again. After monday's tough run, I took a few days off. I was going to do something last night, but then my sinuses reared their ugly head and I didn't want to risk it.

I averaged 9 minute miles and my left calf bothered me quite a bit. My back was tight and I generally felt clunky. I was glad to not have to run a marathon today. It would've really sucked.

I think I'm going start writing what I eat before I run so that I have a better idea of what to carbo-load with in March. Excitement.

With that in mind, this morning, I ran on half a green tea latte with Rice Dream, one bowl of cereal, and a small piece of blueberry crumb cake.

15 Miles on Sunday

I've been a slug this week. Due to a busy weekend, I had to move my saturday 15 miler to monday, and it was pretty tough. It's been hot out here lately, and monday, it was 85 when I finished my run. It was basically 7 1/2 miles uphill, (the last mile and a half I ran the brutal Runyan Canyon) and then 7 1/2 miles downhill. My legs got pretty beat up, especially my left calf. It's still pretty tenderoni. I'm guessing I have a muscle pull from the steep hill.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Running My Chi Off

On the last couple of shorter runs, I've been aware of trying to work on my form. I'm trying to incorporate some tenants of "Chi Running". Maybe it's not a good idea to do that when I've never really studied Chi Running or even seen it done. The basic thing I know is that it's about running with better body alignment- avoiding heel strikes, and running more on the toes and mid-foot. Yesterday, while on my easy 7 miler, I felt really light on my feet, springy even! Although it was supposed to be an easy run, I averaged 8:14/mile and felt refreshed afterwards. Sometimes, you pull a nice run out of your ass, and you've got no idea where it comes from.

On a perhaps somewhat more ominous note, the last week or so I've awakened with a tightness and general soreness in my left ankle. I'm guessing all the times I've turned it on the trails is beginning to add up. After I walk on it for a bit, it always warms up and feels fine.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jackasses Abound

So today D and I headed to the gym. Easy one hour was on the docket for me. I ran about 4 miles at 9:00/mile, and then started to warm up and feel better, so I increased the pace to 8:30/mile and ran the last 10 minutes on the way home. I guess I covered around 6 1/2 miles. Hey, I did say it was supposed to be easy. Jeez. Well, D did some riding on the stationary bike.
She had some asshole next to her hacking up a storm, not covering her mouth, looking like death warmed over. I feel bad for people who get sick. Everyone gets sick at some time. But I do my best to stay away from people when I feel like shit. D heard this woman mention that she had just finished with having the flu. Dandy. What the hell gets into some people's heads? Did she think that to go and contaminate other people and "working out" (read: sitting on a stationary bike incapable of doing anything) was a good idea for anyone involved?

Meanwhile, El Nino continues his soggy tour of Los Angeles. I shouldn't complain. At least we don't have to shovel it...

Well, At Least I Tried

When I last wrote, I was headed to the gym to run an endless mountain run on the treadmill. Going to an LA Fitness at 5:30 and expecting to use a treadmill, is a bad idea. Foolish me. So, instead, I did about 35 minutes on the Stairmaster. I could've done more, but really, I never do it, and I had fears that I'd pull some mystery muscle that would screw my workouts for the rest of the week, or worse.

Monday, February 8, 2010

14, Scratch That, 15 Miler

Saturday my 14 miler got extended a bit. I took a circuitous route and in doing so, added a bit of mileage. The recent rains washed out some of the single track I had to run, but most of the run was done on fire roads. I averaged around 9:30/mile and just beat the rain and wind. I also decided that hydration packs that sit on my waist really suck. My back is still sore from it. No mas. I'll be sticking with the Camelbak Mule. Now, I'm off to the gym to run an endless mountain. Good times.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet Sunday 16

Last sunday I ran 16 on the roads. It was pretty brutal. I could tell after only 3 miles that I was gonna be in for a long day. Upset stomach from my allergies, and I just wasn't feeling the love. Since then I haven't run, instead, I've concentrated on finishing the studio where I'm writing right now. I missed an easy 8 miler on monday due to moving the saturday run to sunday, and then yesterday, I missed an easy 7 miler because of the studio. Today, I run! The question is, do I run an easy 7 or 8, or do I do my scheduled hill repeat workout?