Monday, November 23, 2009

Out of Time

Yesterday was supposed to be a 60 minute run on trails. Easy sounding enough. I had wanted to get it in before I sat down to watch the Packers/Niners game, but due to a late Saturday night, I wasn't able to get up in time to make that happen. After watching the Pack hold on to a victory at home, (are we really 6-4 now?)I geared up to rock 60 minutes in Griffith Park's hills. A quarter of a mile into the run, I looked down to check my heart rate, (yeah, I'm really that much of a running gear geek) and noticed that my watch was blank, the victim of a dead battery. So I had a decision to make. Do I continue to run referring to my ipod's clock, for 60 minutes? That would be a pain in the ass. Or, do I run the distance that I could feasibly run in an hour of comfortable running, and run it HARD. Well, I went with the latter. I pretty much ran with my foot down on the gas for the entire run. It's a hilly course, where I run my hill repeats in fact, so it really kicked my ass. But with a Turkey Trot planned for Thursday morning, I decided the fast run was more suitable than the mellow run. I may do a bit of weightlifting today, then I'll run tomorrow, and take Wednesday off in hopes of hitting the Trot hard on Turkey Day. I'm interested in seeing how much running fitness I've lost over since my last 10k I ran last December.

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