Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Your ass, sir..."

I had my ass handed to me today. I ran a "1/4 & 1/4" workout on the treadmill. I was supposed to run 1/4 mile easy @ 10:00/mi pace, then a 1/4 mile hard @ 7:00-7:15/mi pace. The treadmill was set at 3.0% grade. I was barely able to hold onto running the easy portions @ 10:20/mi, and the hard repeats @ 7:16/mi. By the end of it, I had run 4 miles in about 34:00 minutes, I was drenched in sweat, and seriously suckin' wind. Yuck. The crap run could be a couple of things. It could be the weather. The heat has been turned up the past few days. It's in the low 80's. Whenever the weather changes drastically like this, I can expect it to affect my sinuses. It could also be the lack of lunch today. Because of the way my day was structured, I ran without lunch. I'm sure that didn't help. It could also be that I'm just not in shape.

All I need is one piss-poor run like this today, and it shakes me a bit. Big Sur is little over one month away. These runs happen. They just do.


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