Friday, February 12, 2010

Running My Chi Off

On the last couple of shorter runs, I've been aware of trying to work on my form. I'm trying to incorporate some tenants of "Chi Running". Maybe it's not a good idea to do that when I've never really studied Chi Running or even seen it done. The basic thing I know is that it's about running with better body alignment- avoiding heel strikes, and running more on the toes and mid-foot. Yesterday, while on my easy 7 miler, I felt really light on my feet, springy even! Although it was supposed to be an easy run, I averaged 8:14/mile and felt refreshed afterwards. Sometimes, you pull a nice run out of your ass, and you've got no idea where it comes from.

On a perhaps somewhat more ominous note, the last week or so I've awakened with a tightness and general soreness in my left ankle. I'm guessing all the times I've turned it on the trails is beginning to add up. After I walk on it for a bit, it always warms up and feels fine.

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