Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jackasses Abound

So today D and I headed to the gym. Easy one hour was on the docket for me. I ran about 4 miles at 9:00/mile, and then started to warm up and feel better, so I increased the pace to 8:30/mile and ran the last 10 minutes on the way home. I guess I covered around 6 1/2 miles. Hey, I did say it was supposed to be easy. Jeez. Well, D did some riding on the stationary bike.
She had some asshole next to her hacking up a storm, not covering her mouth, looking like death warmed over. I feel bad for people who get sick. Everyone gets sick at some time. But I do my best to stay away from people when I feel like shit. D heard this woman mention that she had just finished with having the flu. Dandy. What the hell gets into some people's heads? Did she think that to go and contaminate other people and "working out" (read: sitting on a stationary bike incapable of doing anything) was a good idea for anyone involved?

Meanwhile, El Nino continues his soggy tour of Los Angeles. I shouldn't complain. At least we don't have to shovel it...

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Ruth said...

Ugh. That gets my goat too. What if gym management insisted folks wear masks when they are sick? But then again, they can't seem to enforce the wipe your sweat off the machine rule at my gym - Or the talking on your cell phone in the facility rule. And by the way, we are shoveling it big time here in Illinois.