Monday, April 6, 2009

Neuroses & Cramps

Yesterday I did 15 miles and, if I say so myself, ran a perfect split. 15 miles in 2:02. 1:01 the first half, 1:01 for the second. I must confess the second half wasn't too easy. I took a different route, running almost to Santa Monica via Wilshire Blvd. before turning around. The hills I ran were not nearly as steep as the hills I've been running in Griffith Park, and probably lead to the quicker pace. It was hot yesterday, with highs in the 80's and there was some wind too. As always, it brought about the fun with my sinuses, feeling like hot pokers were being shoved in my eye sockets.

The neuroses came about a day earlier when I went to see a couple of movies. It seemed like everywhere around me people were coughing, hacking or sneezing. It's at this stage of the game, the last couple of weeks before a marathon, that I want to be like John Travolta, circa 1976 and live in a plastic bubble. I can't get sick...

Last night, in bed, I suffered from leg cramps and soreness. I guess I need more potassium. Bring on the bananas!


Ruth said...

Nice 15 miler Jeff! I got sick. Started with a sore throat and now it's just cold/fluish symptoms and NO energy. I have 12 days to get well. I have to get well. This is the stuff that makes me FRET in the middle of the night. This and then the runners nightmare where I don't make it to the start on time and then the whole thing is running up a hill of broken glass type thing. Now who is neurotic?????

Jeff Bowser said...

Uggh! That sucks! But take comfort in the fact that you got sick with enough time to get well, (and you WILL get well, don't worry about that). You're just taking it a bit easier on your taper, 'tis all. Hey, you qualified for Boston, you already did the hard work, maybe, if need be, you treat Boston merely as a celebration of your achievement. DON'T rush back from you illness just to get in a few easy taper runs... you made all the deposits already. In 12 days, you'll still be able to withdraw your funds. Just trust yourself.