Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 miler Saturday... and Feeling Kinda Good

There's a strange bump on the instep of my left foot.

How's that for a teaser at the beginning of a post? 

I don't know if it's a bone spur, or just a natural bump on the bone of my foot, but when I press on it, it hurts.  Solution:  Don't press on it.  Nice.  I only bring this up because it seems as though my trail runs bother it more often than my road runs.  Coincidence? Perhaps.  In any event, it doesn't seem to really bother my running much.  It aches usually only after a run, not during.  Well, not yet anyway.  I should probably have Dr. Schwartz, my podiatrist check it out in the new year.  

The 12 miler on saturday felt pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.  The 2 mile downhill on pavement to finish the run, however, did not feel so damn good.  It beat the shit out of my little chicken quads.  Bawk bawk bawk!  

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