Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Excuses!

I'm a lazy shit.  Let's just say it.  

I've been meaning to sit down and put a post on this blog for f*&king EVER, and yet, it's been over a month.

"Wow, you haven't been running for a month? You haven't been working out?"

No, far from it in fact.  I have been working out, I just haven't been writing about it.

Fascinating, Jeff.  No, really.  Do tell us all about it.  

Perhaps the problem is, this blog isn't really defined yet.  The painting blog is, well, just a place where I paint stuff, take a photo, write about how much I dislike the finished product, and then proceed to ask someone to buy it.  A perfect business model.  But here? Yeah, I don't know.  I guess I try to run a lot, or quickly, or both, and then I, um, write about it? Yeah, not really hashed out very well.   

Moving on.

I've been running pretty steadily the past month, and finally seeing some progress.  It's been slow and steady progress, the kind you want when running.  Too much too fast, and you're asking for injury.  The problem is, it's not very rewarding.  There are no lightbulb-going-on moments.  I would compare it to slowly slogging up a long hill.  While you're doing it, head down, breathing heavy, concentrating on the 24 inches directly in front of you, you have no idea of how you're doing.  Get to the top, however, and look back, you get that moment of accomplishment just in time for you to look up, and see the next hill in front of you.

Today's run is a short, easy 3 miler.  I'll follow it up with a few hours hitting the weights.  It's something I'm finally getting back to;  weight training.

When I was younger, say, 10-15 years ago, I was able to bench  more than twice my body weight.  I'm a little guy, so it's not like I was pushing 300 lbs. or anything,  and it was only one time.  I won't lie to you, it wasn't pretty, lots of grunting, veins-a-poppin' arms-a-jigglin', but I did it.  Then I ran my first marathon, fell in love and started pursuing that with the passion of the newly converted.  

My point? I had a lot more strength back then.  I want that back.  No, not all of it, just a bit.  Just want my shirts to fit a bit snugger, and not resemble a pre-pubescent Harry Potter fan.  That's not wrong of me, is it?  I've noticed that during the last couple of months, the added mileage and strength has given me more size south of the border, (unfortunately, no, not there) but my pants are fitting more snug in the waist.  Hell, it could be from the tightness of my IT bands.  Can you swell in your hip joints? I wonder.  

Today's run, like the runs of the past week, will be done indoors, on the treadmill.  We've had fires that have devastated entire communities.  They are miles away, and the ash and smoke are carried on Santa Anna winds.  For someone with sinuses such as mine, or with, say, asthma (M.E.  I'm talking to you now) it's horrible.  Dangerous even.  But I'm not comparing my woes to those who have lost everything.  For them, my heart breaks.  

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