Sunday, May 17, 2009

Conservative Comeback

No, that's not a political reference, but merely how I'm trying to approach my running the last week or so. Yesterday was my first trail run in over a month. It felt great to be out there with the lizards running for cover, and the red tailed hawks soaring overhead. I only ran 7 miles. I was concerned I would overdo it on my first long-ish run since Big Sur. It was pretty hot out there, in the low to mid 80's I would guess. Ah yes, some things never change. There I was, running on a wide, well groomed fire road, when I kicked a little stone with my left foot... it traveled about 2 feet and landed squarely under my right foot.

And I rolled it.

Good times. 1.16 miles into my run, and I roll my ankle. The bad one. It wasn't a big deal, I continued on my way, but it is a little sore this morning.

My legs felt pretty heavy on the uphills, I guess that's to be somewhat expected, but I did make up for it on the way back. All in all, I ran the 7 miles in 1:10, averaging 10:00/mile. I was pretty pleased.

Today, I gotta hit the gym and do a little upper body weight lifting.

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