Thursday, June 4, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I know what you're thinking. "Jeff Bowser, you sir, are a slacker of the highest order." True as that may be, I have been running this week. I've just been a slacker in the posting department.

Monday, I think I rested. After Saturday's 11 mile trail run and the hilly hike D and I went on Sunday evening, I took the day off.

Tuesday, I did a 5 mile negative split run on the treadmill. The sinuses were being their normal, pain-in-the-ass selves. It could've been the allergy medicine, it could've been the fact that I was pretty tired, but I felt pretty light-headed during the run. I wouldn't say it was actual faintness I was experiencing, but more of a disconnectedness during the run. For the last mile of the run, I sped up to about 7:55/mile, and that seemed to do the trick. Perhaps the lightheadedness was traveling at 8:30/mile pace and I simply outran the damn thing. Whatever it was, I was happy when I was finished with that run.

Wednesday, yesterday, got up early, and lifted weights at the gym, upper and lower body work. Today I will most likely go on a run integrating an errand or two along the way.


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