Monday, June 8, 2009

10 Dollar Trail Run

"Ten dollar.
Ten dollar trail run."

Yeah, just like that uber annoying commercial for subway. That gets stuck in my head like a damn deer tick. I have a friend who is in one of the commercials. He's a construction worker. So when I see him singing that song, it makes me happy, because it means Tom is making money.

I ran at Malibu Creek State Park yesterday. When I pulled up to the window, they asked for 10 bucks. I knew I had to pay something to get in, but I don't remember it being that high. Maybe it's because the state of California is bankrupt. Maybe it's just to help keep the park open. No matter. I was just glad to see that it was open. The state budget cuts are hitting everything pretty hard.

Malibu Creek State Park is where they used to shoot the old M*A*S*H* t.v. show. It's also where the 50K I want to run in August is being held, so I wanted to get in a nice long run in on that course before I have to take a few weeks off. I started off well enough, but I had forgotten how steep the Bulldog trail is. It really kicked my ass. I did a lot of hiking uphill, and on the way back, my quads took their requisite beating. By the end, I was really suckin' wind and my tank was on empty. This morning, I awoke with what I believe to be a cold. It could be a sinus attack, or allergies, (it was pretty windy out there yesterday). Whatever it is, I'm just hoping to get rid of it before I fly home sunday.

A lizard, just sunning himself on a rock.

You can almost hear the guitars of "Suicide is Painless" being played, and the familiar whup whup whup of the helicopters from M*A*S*H*.

Here are the totals:

Time: 2:46
Distance: 14.61 miles
Calories: 1406
Average pace: 11:24/mile YUCK
Average Heart Rate: 157

I doubt I'll be running any more this week. Time to hunker down and deal with whatever this is. It sucks.

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Ruth said...

Hi Jeff - Hope you're feeling better by now. Have a great trip home. We just drove through Sheboygan two weeks ago on our way home from Door County. This weekend I'll be running in the MC200. It's a relay from Madison to Chicago. LOVE IT! It is the most fun. Put it on your race calendar for next year - I promise you won't be sorry. Ruth