Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Beast...

Well, there's a reason Coach calls it that.  Just got back from running it.  It involves a 1/2 mile warmup, followed by 1/4 mile @ 7:28/mi, then 1/4 mile recovery, 1/2 mile @ 7:28/mi, 1/4 recovery, 3/4 mile @ 7:28/mi, 1/4 mile recovery and finally, you guessed it, 1 mile @ 7:28/mi ending with a 1/2 mile cool down.  

It was tough for me to find the "magic 7:28" but I'll keep at it.  Here's what I ran, I won't bore you further with my split times for the recovery periods in between:

warmup:  .51 miles 4:42, 9:17/mi  HR 141 bpm
                  .24 miles 1:45  7:16/mi  HR 159 bpm
                  .49 miles 3:42 7:33/mi  HR 157 bpm
  .75 miles 5:32 7:22/mi  HR 161 bpm
1.00 mile 7:22  7:21/mi  HR 163 bpm
cool down .53 miles  5:04 9:39/mi  HR153 bpm

Tomorrow's a rest day, saturday, a long run of 1:45.


Anonymous said...

Good on you - sounds like real hard work, but worth it for the feeling of achievement I guess?

Jeff Bowser said...

Hey Cath! Welcome to the second blog! Thanks for checking it out. Yeah, it's a feeling of achievement, but more than that, I guess it's a type of meditation for me...